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Step 1 - Long list of potential energy market systems

  • Carry out some initial investigations including desk research and discussions with key informants.
  • Prepare a long-list of potential energy market systems.
  • Share this list with a wide range of stakeholders and brainstorm with them on which offers the best opportunities for impact at scale, including poverty reduction and gender equality.
  • Stakeholders should include key national energy experts, government officials, donors and CSOs, and representatives from the private sector, such as Chambers of Commerce and Energy Industry Coordination bodies.
  • Make sure to include the perspectives of marginalised actors, in particular local energy entrepreneurs and the target communities you ultimately seek to impact. If you don’t have resources to speak with them directly, you can draw on statistics from existing economic reports, which identify the sectors and subsectors the greatest number of people derive their income from.

Note: It is important to be clear to those you speak to of the process so as to not raise their expectations at this early stage.

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