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Pesticide Use in Developing Countries

Ronnie Deaver

February 21st, 2017

There is an enormous use of pesticides in developing nations that has lead to drastic effects, hence making it one of the top concerns for global environmentalists. The use of these pesticides, some of which are totally illegal, has not only led to drastic environmental degradation, but negative effect on climate at large.  Importantly, human health has been affected with end users of these farm produce complaining of neurotoxic, reproductive, and dermatologic effects. In most cases, these pesticides are used […]


Measured irrigation for smallholders: more crop per drop

Bernie Omodei

February 20th, 2017

Bernie Omodei from Measured Irrigation writes about a very low cost innovation that may reduce the water consumption for drip irrigation by up to 50% without affecting the yield. The innovation uses the weather to control the irrigation scheduling rather than a program. The DIY (Do It Yourself) instructions in this blog can be applied to any drip irrigation application in any poor community. Upgrading drip irrigation to unpowered MI Many smallholders use gravity feed drip irrigation to irrigate a […]


Knowledge is Power; #LetsdoPeriodTalk

Ananta Prasad

December 22nd, 2016

Written by Pratikshya Priyadarshini A hot, sunny afternoon in the Sikharchandi slum of Bhubaneswar does not evoke the imagery of a drab, lazy life that it typically must. One can hear the din from a distance, hard rubber balls hitting against wooden bats, followed closely by the voices of young boys appealing instinctively to an invisible umpire. As we walk along the dusty paths, the roads wider than the adjacent houses, a number of young girls flock to us, greeting us […]


Changing behaviour through knowledge

Fatima Mahmoud A/Aziz

September 27th, 2016

I was working as a volunteer in the women’s development network association in Kassala state when the Practical Answers project began. The knowledge centre was one of the activities and when I saw it I simply asked myself, can these centres change the behavior of rural communities? We visited four villages in order to assess the needs for these centers. We found people ignorant of simple things. One very malnourished child, in second grade at school, caught my attention. When I went […]


‘Sunolo Sakhi’, let’s do the #PeriodTalk

Ananta Prasad

September 27th, 2016

Written by Aurosmita Acharya, Journalist, DNA, India ‘Sunolo Sakhi’, literally meaning ‘Sisters, let’s listen’, was broadcast for the first time this year on February 6 on a community radio station in Bhubaneswar. Aiming to spread awareness and bust taboos, especially in slum areas, the radio show has been designed by a UK-based NGO ‘ Practical Action’ to take the first steps in educate people about menstrual hygiene. Scheduled to be taken forward with the help of city-based FM stations , the […]



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