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Arun Kumar Hial

March 23rd, 2018

It was my first time to the United States and I was so excited about visiting US and participating in the UNCSW62. Before travelling, I almost told everyone close to me that I am going to the UN and that I have got an opportunity to speak about some of our work in India. As much I was excited, I was nervous too about the presentation, as it went several rounds of revisions with the CSW62 preparatory team (Charlotte, Loise, […]


Seed cum fertiliser maize planter: how it works?

Mochan Bhattarai

December 12th, 2017

The Developmental Challenge The Developmental Challenge Being one of the professional working in the sector of Market Development in Agriculture Sector in Nepal, the issue of farm mechanisation has always been the one of the sector of my interest. Even though the concept of farm mechanisation is ploddingly increasing, farmers access to related information and machineries in different crops are stumpy. In addition, the effort for farm mechanisation awareness and extension services are insufficient in the country. Alike the national […]


From a kitchen worker to an evolving agriculture entrepreneur: an inspiring story of Rudra Chaulagain

Rakesh Khadka

July 26th, 2017

Rudra Prasad Chaulagain, a 40 year-old man is skilled farmer, technician and an evolving entrepreneur. Few years back, before 2009, his identity was different – he was a kitchen helper at one of the capital’s hotel casinos. Rudra grew up in a low income 7 membered  family. Due to poverty, he was unable to complete his formal education and had to leave his family at the age of 18 to earn a better life. He worked in Royal Casino as a […]


Knowledge transforming livelihood

Rakesh Khadka

July 10th, 2017

“My family needs were escalating every day and I used to wonder, what I need to do to fulfill my family needs,” says 35-year old Kamala Pandey, a resident of Kawasoti-15, Godar, Nawalparasi. Kamala Pandey, a mother of three, struggled a lot to meet her family’s basic needs while juggling personal struggles like debt, and other challenges. Her husband who used to support her by running small rice mill was unable to generate enough income to meet growing demands of […]


Direct seeded rice – A promising resource efficient technology

Rakesh Khadka

June 29th, 2017

Arjun Bhattarai, a 51-year-old farmer living in Koshi Haraicha of Morang district, grows rice as a major crop in his land. Out of his three children, a daughter and a son are blind by birth. So, with the help of his only wife and some casual workers, he used to grow rice and vegetables in his own 8 kattha (1 Kattha = 333.33 sq. meter) and leased 10 kattha land. They were able to hardly meet their annual household needs. […]



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