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What we do

We believe that there is enough knowledge in the world to have a significant impact on reducing global poverty. The problem is that the knowledge is not always in the right place or the right format. It can be inaccessible to people who don’t have a mobile phone or internet connection. It is also inaccessible if people don’t know it exists.

The last mile

Our approach is to try to help knowledge travel “the last mile” to the people who really need it. This can involve translating it, making it into video or audio files, using extension workers and other knowledge brokers, and working through partners. In our direct work with poor communities we are able to add context to technologies, telling people about suppliers, sources of finance and other accompanying information that makes it more useful.

This website, and its sister websites and our mobile app around the world are key resources. We have over 2000 files which we make freely available to communities, local organisations, public servants, entrepreneurs and development practitioners. We currently serve more than 2 million downloads per year and have more than 15,000 registered users.

Partners and partnership opportunities

We do not own the knowledge that you will find on this website. Knowledge belongs to everyone – we help to make it reach as many people as we can. Our work would not be possible without a network of partners. For example, Smart Solutions in Nepal have helped us create this website. Others use this website to host their own knowledge and help it reach the last mile. Others link to us and carry our information.

On the ground we have a whole series of other partners who help us to disseminate the knowledge and reach even further. In Nepal and India we work with READ Global. In Bangladesh we work with the Ministry of Agriculture. In Peru, Nepal and Bangladesh we work with Zurich Insurance. And in Zimbabwe we work with the Food and Agriculture Organisation. These are just some examples of our partnerships.

We are always looking for new partnership opportunities – if you would like to work with us contact us now


We want to make our information accessible to as many people as possible. Therefore we do not charge for it. Our service is only possible because of the generosity of Practical Action’s donors.

We are now offering a service to other organisations and researchers where we will host your materials for small fee and help you to reach a last mile target audience. If you would like more details of this please click here.

We are always looking to expand our service and need more resources to do this. If you can help with a donation no matter how small please click here and help us to keep this service free.


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