Our Impact

At Practical Answers, we demonstrate impact at scale, improving lives around the world.

Through our region specific programs we have been able to change the lives of people who are most deprived of knowledge and technical skills and often fall below the poverty line.

Parbati Giri is from Kaski, Nepal. She has six members in her family. They depend on agriculture for their livelihood. An ongoing problem with insect damage to the rice production was finally solved after Parbati attended an interaction program organised by Practical Answer’s Nepali Services. She learnt about the method of preparing homemade pesticide and using it on the field to remove pests. Within a week the pests that had infected her paddy field reduced, her farm regained its lost greenery, and she can now see the improvement in rice productivity.

“I am very much grateful to Practical Answers Services. This program has benefitted many farmers like me in Lekhnath Municipality. I will always attend such interactions in future and will share whatever I learn with my friends too”.

Parbati is now a member of the Technical Knowledge Group formed by Practical Answer’s Deepshikha Community Library and Resource Center.

The material in there [Practical Answers] is gold dust…. In my case we put up a bio digester in the middle of nowhere and we have now embarked on a larger scale model of the same because of the potential we have seen. Where the workers would have had to go out to fetch firewood for cooking they now use the communal gas stove we put out. –

Anonymous Beneficiary


Danny Bautista is a Peruvian engineer specialising in the food industry. He is the main architect of a Regional Government project in Ayacucho, aimed at giving dairy farmers a professional status. Danny contacted the Practical Answers Latin American team seeking information on dairy processes. They arranged to meet him to see the primary result of the project: the cheese plants, and to see how they could work together to progress his business.

I was given various very explicit primers on dairy products, particularly yogurt and cheese. The information contained in the primers was fundamental for training producers. Based on this information they were able to learn how to work with their products. They even increased the variety of their products.