Practical Answers

We all share the planet so let’s share the Answers

We believe that answers may start small but can grow to change the big picture – by combining knowledge with innovation, we can change the systems that keep people vulnerable to poverty

Practical Answers is the technical information service of a global change-making organisation Practical Action, sharing knowledge from our own experiences and those of our partner organisations  to improve the lives of people living in poverty. The right knowledge can equip communities to develop ingenious solutions for anything from agriculture, water and waste management, climate resilience to clean energy access, and when shared, can facilitate change on a large scale.

Our various digital channels, visited by and contributed to by communities around the world, are managed by our specialist publishing arm, Practical Action Publishing

Our vision

Practical Answers aims to enable access for all to the wealth of technical knowledge produced within Practical Action, and from our partners. Accessible to all freely, including last-mile development practitioners, so that the hardest-to-reach communities can change their world. We believe that people who need knowledge most should have access to relevant information, in the right format, at the right time and in the right place.

We all share the planet so let’s share the Answers, so more people can change their world. Our mission is to innovate and respond to what change-makers need, by partnering with the brightest minds to share relevant technical information with the hardest to reach communities, whatever their location, in a language and format that suits them best.

Our services have helped to improve the lives of many around the world. Read some short personal accounts of our impact, which vary from a Nepalese farmer improving rice production after attending Practical Answers training, to a Zimbabwean community benefiting from using a Podcasting service.

Practical Answers is the technical information and practical knowledge service of Practical Action.  Please visit our organisational website if you are looking for information about Practical Action’s fundraising, projects and wider work.