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Water Hyacinth

This document suggests solutions for the control of water hyacinth - biological, physical and chemical - and discusses possible practical applications of the plant.

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noel said:

thank you for the article .. very helpful


Kenneth said:

is water hyacinth can be a soundproofing material? thankyou for your reply :)


Awandu Marcellus said:

The weed is a menace to the locals of Kisumu county in Kenya please let us save the people,no fishing,drinking water-it means NO LIFE


qwerty said:

very interesting, must of taken me at least 4 hours to read it. i must just read it once more.


IJaware Victor Ayodele said:

This is interesting. Developing nations like Nigeria see water hyacinth as a problem rather as a means of boosting her economic potentials to create new industries that will create jobs for millions of unemployed youth.


Jane said:

it is indeed useful but quantify the socio-economic and environmental impacts on riparian communities and compare it with its uses, then you'll know whether it is a friend or an enemy.


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