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Solar Drying

Drying using sunshine - a brief description of the basic principles behind it and how to determine the rate of drying.

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Bakare A W said:

I love this site for its technical standard.. I wish some of your resources that has price tag is available for download. This is because I give u a lot of credit for being able to disseminate development ideas to those of us in developing countries like Nigeria. I can can pay but I do not have money to pay for those publications even though they're not too costly.


Binaya Parajuli said:

Hi Kalpana, Practical Action does promote renewable energy sources. Can you tell us what kind of information you are seeking? Please send us your email address along with your question.


Kalpana Gite said:

kindly link me to (local) persons or institutions that are promoting or using these technologies like biogas,solar system and any system related to natural and renewable energy sources.


Emmanuel Dalung, said:

Henry. my organisation is involved in less energy consumption basin irrigation practice,I FOUND OUT THAT A WELL LEVELLED BED WITH WELL RAISED BED SIDES WILL KEEP MORE IRRIGATION WATER FOR LONGER PERIOD THUS LIVING YOU WITH MORE TIME FOR MANAGEMENT AND USING LESS FUEL. MY BED SIZE IS NORMALLY 3M/6M WELL LEVELLED. MY O WEATHER HERE IN NIGERIA ALLOWS ME TO PLANT PEAS STRAWBERRIES. BUT CHECK THE CROP YOU ARE PLANTING what particularly do you want to know? , i will advice as you start planning for the farm plan alongside the possibility of adding value to your prospected crops by using advice as are provided in practical action infos on solar drying, it will help you greatly.


henry said:

kindly link me to (local) persons or institutions that are promoting or using these technologies like biogas, irrigation etc Henry - Zambia


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