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Environment and Adaptation to Climate Change

The increasing variability of our climate, largely due to the over-exploitation of natural resources by industrialised countries, is having a dramatic impact on people in poorer countries living in poverty. Changes to climate may include unpredictable rainfall patterns, increased frequency and intensity of storms, and sea level rise. Communities are being forced to change their ways of living in order to adapt: growing different crops, making better use of scarce water resources, using different production methods, or preparing for more frequent weather-related disasters.

For adaptation, the technologies that will be useful to one community may not apply to another: they must be rooted in the local context and people's knowledge, culture and values, as these will determine how they can best cope with change. The few technologies described here offer some relevant solutions to the challenges that communities all around the world will increasingly find themselves having to face.


Environment and adaptation to climate change

General documents relating to environment and adaptation to climate change.


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