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For social entrepreneurs of small-scale technologies, getting the technology right is only half the story. Taking social considerations into account is vital for technology justice. These documents aim to support the introduction of new technology and technology innovation on a sustainable basis by looking at elements of development practice, such as project planning and implementation, in a holistic way and using community empowerment.


Conflict Management in Kenya - Towards Policy and Strategy Formulation

Strategic coordination amongst key actors has been lacking in conflict management and peace building. Practical Action hope that that this policy analysis report and its recommendations

M. Adan, Published by Practical Action East Africa on 2014/12/13

Consensus Building With Participatory Action Plan Development

A facilitator's guide to a structured set of activities that helps people identify key problems and constraints together with realistic opportunities to address

Ahmed Taha, Published by United Kingdom on 2014/12/13

Discovering Technologists

Gender and technology training

Priyanthi Fernando, Published by Bangladesh on 2015/03/6

Income and Employment from Services

Looking at the options for income generation through improvements to infrastructure

Nick Brundle, Published by United Kingdom on 2014/11/18

La Tecnología Apropiada

Tecnología: ¿Elección o

Jose Izquierdo Millán, Published by Peru on 2014/12/16

Learning from Practice: Empowering Community Organisations

This document looks at a light touch approach to empowering community

Robbie Blake, Published by United Kingdom on 2015/03/30

Los Riesgos De Los Cuestionarios

El propósito de este documento es promover el debate y discusión acerca de la efectividad de los

Mansoor Ali, Published by United Kingdom on 2014/12/16

Maximiser les Benefices de L’Approche “Travail Contre Rémunération”

Les leçons du projet EARLI de restauration des terres au

Heather Dolphin, Published by Catholic Relief Services on 2014/12/10

Participatory Appraisal

Participatory appraisal is a technique that can be used in development projects to capture the true voice of a community and to help realise the most appropriate

Victoria Cronin, Published by United Kingdom on 2014/10/21

Participatory Assessment of Market and Marketing in Patuakhali and Barguna

This study aims to identify existing and potential income-generating activities (IGAs) and post-harvest activities for poor and ultra-poor households in the project area who farm field

Published by USAID on 2015/02/12

Réhabilitation Durable Des Bidonvilles

La mission donne quelques recommandations que les médecins généralistes des quartiers pauvres doivent prendre en considération pour atteindre une forme de durabilité dans leur

Victoria Cronin, Published by Senegal on 2015/03/30

Sustainable Slum Upgrading

The brief outlines some recommendations that slum upgrading practitioners should consider when aspiring for sustainability in their

Victoria Cronin, Published by United Kingdom on 2014/11/25

The Pitfalls of Questionnaires

The purpose of this document is to generate debate and discussion about the effectiveness of questionnaire

Mansoor Ali, Published by United Kingdom on 2014/11/18

The Role of Participative Approaches in Increasing The Technical Capacity and Technology Choice of Rural Communities

This paper looks at the way in which participative methods of working can help strengthen the technical capacity and technological choice of rural

Simon Croxton, Published by united kingdom on 2015/03/6

Urban Participatory Planning

This brief looks at some of the issues of participatory planning in general and what differences might be found between urban participatory planning and rural participatory

Caroline Cage, Published by United Kingdom on 2014/11/18

What is Appropriate Technology?

Technology: choice or

Practical Action, Published by United Kingdom on 2015/03/6

Women Alpaca-Raisers complete their studies at the Kamayoq School

The Kamayoq school is where dozens of people have to opportunity to acquire technical expertise in activities, like raising livestock or growing crops in

Published by Practical Action, Latin America on 2015/01/13


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