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Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater can be collected as it falls from the roofs of houses and buildings. It can also be collected underground in tanks and from other sources. The water can be used in irrigation or domestic use.


Building on a Tradition of Rainwater Harvesting

Pastoralists in sub-Saharan Africa are often part-time cultivators as well, and they manage to make the most of irregular rainfall by harvesting rainwater, using traditional

Will Critchley, Published by United Kingdom on 2014/12/10

Cement Mortar Jar

This case study is taken from 'Rainwater Harvesting'. This water container was originally developed in Thailand but has also been used in East

Dai Rees, Published by United Kingdom on 2015/03/27

Communautés au suivi des travaux de réalisation d’un mini réseau d’approvisionnement en eau

Ce guide d’utilisation vise à fournir aux communautés les informations les plus utiles : les différentes étapes pour la conception et la construction du forage et de la distribution par

The Global Water Initiative, Published on 2015/03/30

Domestic Rainwater Harvesting Tank: Training Module

A manual on how to train people in the construction of a ferrocement "pumpkin" water

Janathakshan, Published by United Kingdom on 2015/03/6

Fossas De Infiltrção Para Captação De Água Das Chuvas

Esta nota técnica descreve um contexto da agricultura na zona árida do Distrito de Chivi, no Zimbabué, e como uma técnica de captação de águas da chuva foi desenvolvida em conjunto e partilha com

Rachel Berger, Published by United Kingdom on 2015/06/3

Jarre en Mortier de Ciment

Cette étude de cas vient de la 'collecte des eaux de pluie'. Cette citerne d'eau a été à l'origine mise au point en Thaïlande mais a également été utilisée en Afrique de

Practical Action, Published by United Kingdom on 2015/03/6

Le Réservoir Citrouille Du Sri Lanka

Un réservoir d'eau de pluie de petite taille promu par la World Bank au Sri

Dai Rees, Published by Practical Action on 2014/11/24

Profils de Surface Lisse

Ce document décrit l'utilisation des contours et montre comment construire l'usine de Manama de stockage de l'eau de pluies récoltées sur le

Douglas Gumbo, Published by United Kingdom on 2015/06/3

Rainwater Harvesting

This technology is used in places where conventional water supply systems are not provided, are too expensive, or fail to meet people's

Dai Rees, Published by United Kingdom on 2015/06/3

Récupération D'eau De Pluie

Récolte de l'eau de pluie développée au Sri Lanka pour améliorer les moyens financiers

Practical Action, Published by United Kingdom on 2015/06/3

The Sri Lankan Pumpkin Tank

A small scale roof water harvesting tank promoted in Sri Lanka by the World

Dai Rees, Published by United Kingdom on 2015/03/6

The Underground Brick Dome Tank, Sri Lanka - A Case Study

This RWH system was developed by the CWSSP programme in Sri Lanka. The tank, a 5m cubed underground brick built tank, is based on the design of the Chinese biogas

Dai Rees, Published by Sri Lanka on 2015/03/6

Traditions of rainwater harvesting in South Asia

This paper is a synthesis of reports written on traditional wisdom of rainwater harvesting by country researchers in India, Pakistan and Sri

Ariyabandu, R. De. S., Published by Practical Action, Sri Lanka on 2015/05/8

Water Harvesting in Sudan

In semi-arid zones such as North Darfur where the rainfall is concentrated over short periods of time, various approaches to balancing water demand with supply, such as rain water harvesting,

Practical Action, Published by Practical Action on 2014/11/19

වහලයෙන් ජලය එකතුකිරීම සදහා පොළව මතුපිට වැසිජල ටැංකිය

This video is on the construction and maintenance of above ground rain water harvesting

Practical Action Sri Lanka, Published by Practical Action, Sri Lanka on 2015/06/19


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