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Mining and Mineral Industries

More than eleven million people rely on small-scale mining for their livelihood and it often provides an out of season alternative to agriculture. However, mining is destructive to our planet and is often labour intensive, leading to adverse health impacts. The development of better technologies and safer, more environmentally sound practices will make a real difference to miners lives.


A Simple Retort

How to make and use a simple retort for separating gold-mercury

Edmund Bugnosen, Published by United Kingdom on 2015/10/22

Construcción y Uso de Una Retorta Simple

Cómo construir y usar una retorta simple para la separación del oro y mercurio de una

Edmund Bugnosen, Published by Peru on 2015/10/22

Gypsum Processing

Gypsum is used as a building material, making writing chalk, as a soil conditioner and to make moulds for

Otto Ruskulis, Published by Appropriate Technology Journal on 2015/10/22

Uma Retorta Simples

Como fazer e usar uma simples retorta para separar amálgama de

Edmund Bugnosen, Published by United Kingdom on 2015/10/22


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